Nommy Time

What is Nommy Time?

Nommy Time is an online food store that specialize in Asian food, especially Malaysia. We are an online store and handle all our food in a commission kitchen.

Do you do pick ups?

We do not have a store front, but do accept pick up by appointments at our commissary kitchen. Find out more here.


What do you ship?

We currently only ship Bakkwa nationwide. We offer local pick up for all our products here.


Where do you ship?

We ship our product nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii.


What are the shipping options?

We currently provide 4 different shipping options: Nommy Express, USPS First Class Package, USPS Priority Mail, and USPS Priority Mail Express.

Nommy Express (highly recommended for flat rate shipping service)
Transit days: 1-3 days.
Free: any order that is $100 and above
$3.99: for order below 0.8lbs
$5.99: for order between 0.9lbs - 2lbs
$7.99: for order above 2lbs

USPS First Class Package
Transit days: 2 business day.
Price: Slightly more expensive than Nommy Express.

USPS Priority Mail
Transit days: 1 business day.
Price: More expensive than USPS First Class Package.

USPS Priority Mail Express
Transit days: 1 business day.
Price: More expensive than USPS Priority Mail.

What is Nommy Express?

Nommy Express is a subsidized shipping program from us (the producer) to you (the consumer). We always want to give back more to our customer, hence, we think transferring some of the shipping burden from yours to ours would be a good way.


All our Bakkwa is made-to-order to ensure freshness. Hence, we have two fulfillment days per week - Monday and Wednesday. We make and mail them out on these two days, so the transit days would happen after mailing. We make our order based on first come first serve basis, and currently only mail during these two days. We understand that there might be a little wait time, and highly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work as hard as possible to get your orders out promptly. 

Holidays Fulfillment

The courier service gets very busy during Holiday season and during the pandemic, there is possibilities for delays. We highly recommend taking this into account when you purchase during the holiday season. As a rule of thumb, give our shipping partners 3 extra business days of buffer. Our Bakkwa will still be in their best quality as we double seal it to ensure it’s freshness. 

In the Puget Sound area and want to get your order faster? Check out our local pick up here!

Local Pick Up

What products are available for local pick up?

All of our products are available for local pick up.

Our Bakkwa and Wontons are available for local pick up.

Where/when can I pick up?

Local pick up is available at our Kirkland location. You can find out more at here.

Do you offer local delivery?

We do not offer local delivery as we are a one-woman business, it is difficult for us to do delivery with a lot of things on the plate. We appreciate your understanding.

Are you on any delivery platform (UberEats/ Doordash/ Caviar/ etc)?

We do not partner with these platform due to the hefty charges that make it difficult for small business like us.


What is Bakkwa?

Bakkwa originated from China to act as a preserved food for traveling purposes. It is then brought to other parts of Asia and popularized within the community. It is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore where it is traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year. Bakkwa act as a common drinking snacks within the Taiwan and Mainland China area. 

The unofficial history about bakkwa:


(Do we need to include the link? at first i was hoping you to read up the link and summarize it here. what do you think?) 

What makes your Bakkwa so special?

Made to order, freshly double sealed, made with hormone free USA pork, no nitrates, no nitrites, no MSG, no preservatives, no coloring. 

What is the best way to eat this Bakkwa?

Bakkwa is best to consume at room temperature once open. However, if you want to go extra mile, heating up with microwave starting at 10 seconds per batch would be a good idea. Alternatively, you can also bake bakkwa for 5-10minutes

(I thought we said we want to recommend people to heat it up a little. Maybe can mention what to do in cold /hot climate)


Can I have the nutrition facts/ full ingredient list?

Yes. Please find the complete list of our ingredients and nutrition facts here.

(Wanna omit this since we will include it on our label?)

What is your allergen list?

Our bakkwa contains wheat.


What makes your wontons so special?

- handmade, high meat-to-wrapper ratio, 2 parts of meat, 1 part of skin

- made with hormone free pork, no nitrates, no nitrites, no MSG.

What is the best way to eat this wontons?


You can boil or Air fry them. 

How do I store these wontons?

The best way to store wontons are to put them in the freezer.

What is your allergen list?

Our wontons contains wheat and eggs.

Other Questions

I am interested in carry these in my store, who should i talk to?

We love wholesale. Please contact us at hello@nommytime.com to learn about our exciting wholesale opportunities.

I have a question/ comment, who should I contact?

Feel free to reach out at hello@nommytime.com